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With the huge success of this past weekend’s ‘The Devil Inside’, Warner Bros. has set up William Brent Bell with another similar gig.  Bell co-wrote and directed ‘The Devil Inside’ and will now helm the conspiracy thriller, ‘The Vatican’.  ‘The Vatican’ will be produced by Roy Lee, Lawrence Grey and John Middleton, and Bell’s producing partner Matt Peterman. Peterman wrote ‘The Devil Inside’ with Bell.  The script will be written by first timer David Cohen.

‘The Vatican” will be fast tracked by Warner Bros. and is described as a hybrid that uses some found footage techniques like ‘The Devil Inside’ did.  Although ‘The Devil Inside’ made tons of money this past weekend and will only turn out to make more money, the film was slammed by critics and currently has a 7% rating on rotten tomatoes.  I can’t see this new film being any better.  And I think this found footage horror movie stuff has run its course for the most part, especially with exorcism story lines.  I’m sure this movie will get tons of publicity and do well box office wise, but quality wise, that remains to be seen.


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