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Universal is hard at work on the release of ‘The Deer Hunter’ on bluray.  It is expected to hit shelves March 6th and will have HD video and audio as well as some extras.  Director Michael Cimino’s drama stars Robert De Niro, John Savage, Meryl Streep, and Christopher Walken and won Academy Awards for Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken), Best Director, and Best Picture.  Can’t wait to see this in HD.

The ‘Deer Hunter’ will be a blu-ray/DVD combo pack and will feature a glorious 1080p video transfer as well as a lossless DTS-HD 5.2 audio mix.  Extras will include: Commentary with cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and film journalist Bob Fisher, deleted and extended scenes, and some sort of Oscar movie featurette.  I hope there is more in the way of extras.


Your thoughts?

By Bryan Kluger

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