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Here is the 40th anniversary edition of a beloved classic that made is all want to be a Wonka-er.  This new transfer is pure Awesome.  Everything looks amazing.  This set comes with some really cool things not too mention a great looking re-mastered film.  It is currently on sale for $27.99 which is 57% off the normal price.  I think this might be the cheapest this set has ever been.    So take advantage, because this won’t last forever.

The set comes with a 3-Disc bluray/dvd combo complete with tons of extras.  Also included are: the Pure Imagination behind the scenes book, a tin wonka bar case with scratch and sniff erasers and pencils, replicas of correspondence from the actors and directors/producers of the film, plus much more.  Definitely a great purchase and fort his price, you can’t say no.



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Dr. Klein:
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