Another Year, Another Paranormal Activity Movie!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 4th, 2012

Hi Bryan Here….

This is turning out like a ‘Saw’ franchise or a Nightmare on Elm St. franchise.  I see why.  I get it.  These films are made for almost nothing and every one of them make tons and tons of money.  Just like the ‘Saw’ films.  Well now, Paranormal Activity 4 will open this year on October 19th.  The last two Paranormal Activity films opened up around the Halloween time.  Paranormal Activity 3 was made for 5 million dollars and is almost at the $200 million dollar mark.  So you can see, why they are pumping these out every 12 months.  Makes sense business wise.

I’m not sure if this  will be another prequel, or a straight  sequel to the first film, but I’m sure the same formula will be used.  I enjoy these films, but for me, I think the whole idea has run its course.  I want a film like ‘American Horror Story’.


Your thoughts?

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