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Actress Chloe Sevigny is moving on from HBO’s ‘Big Love’ to Sky Atlantic with a strange new television series called ‘Hit and Miss’.  It’s a new show conjured up by Paul Abbott who created the hit Showtime show ‘Shameless’.  For now Sevigny is signed on for only six episodes which the first season will only consist of those six episodes.

“The six-episode series centers on Mia (Sevigny), a contract killer with a big secret – she is a transgender hit man who suddenly finds out that in the previous life has fathered several children.”

That sounds strange doesn’t it??  Hell yes it does.  But it could be quite interesting.  Now, Sky Atlantic is a new channel over in the U.K. that has only been live for a couple of months and has mostly a U.S.A. show lineup including ‘Big Love’, ‘Weeds’, and ‘Mad Men’.  ‘Hit and Miss’ will mark Sky Atlantic’s first original program.    Sevigny is currently training for her role and shooting begins later this summer.

I hope this makes its way to the states, because it definitely sounds good.  I wonder where they will take it.  Sevigny is a great actress who is very versatile and very beautiful.  I have no doubt she will shine in the series.

Your thoughts?

Via Deadine.

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