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Word just in, negotiations have just concluded in that actor Ashton Kutcher will return to television and replace Charlie Sheen on the hit show “Two and Half Men”.  Kutcher has been doing feature films lately, but I guess series creators and execs have finally made a deal that will return the former “That 70’s Show” star back to the small screen.

Some of the series producers had actor “Hugh Grant” at the top of their potential list to replace Charlie Sheen, but things fell out and several other actors were in talks to take on the role.  But as of recently, Ashton Kutcher has been at the top of all of their lists.  This a good deal for Kutcher.  I don’t think Kutcher really draws a big box office anymore like he used to and he was pretty good on ‘That 70’s Show’, so it will be good to see him return to what he knows best.  And I think the character, assuming he will be playing the same character Sheen did, will be a different and fun role Ashton can set nicely into.

Now I wonder if the ‘Two and Half Men’ series will still be gold like it was before this whole Sheen disaster went down.  I’m sure soon, I will have more info on his deal and for how long he is signed on to do the show.  But this is a good move for everyone involved.

Via Deadline.

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