Movie Box Office Weekend Round Up

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 12th, 2010

It looks like Resident Evil 3-D took the number 1 spot this weekend taking in over 27 million dollars.  George Clooney’s “American” came in at number 2 with a 2 week total of about 27 million dollars.  Machete came in at number 4 with  a 3 week total of 21 million dollars.  The Last Exorcism came in at number 7 with a 3 week total of over 38 million dollars.  The Last Exorcism cost less than 2 million to make.  The Expendables came in at number 8 with a 5 week total just shy of 100 million dollars.  And the hit of the summer “Inception” is still in the top 10 coming in at #9 with a 9 week total of 283 million dollars.

So HOORAY for Horror movies!  Looking forward to seeing the new Resident Evil movie in 3-D.

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