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Lionsgate debuts, for the first time, ‘Snitch‘ on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack June 6. The film stars Dwayne Johnson (‘Moana‘), Barry Pepper (‘Saving Private Ryan‘), Jon Bernthal (‘Fury‘) and Susan Sarandon (‘Thelma & Louise‘) all under the direction of Ric Roman Waugh (‘Felon‘).

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Film Review: ‘Snitch’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 21st, 2013

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I was thoroughly impressed with Ric Roman Waugh’s ‘Snitch’, but for different reasons than you expect. Inspired by true events like most movies these days, this particular film produces a sense of true fear and hopelessness rather than show cheesy light-hearted inspiring stories that we tend to see in these “true event’ stories. And Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson leaves his ‘The Rock‘ name at home and plays a real human being who is in over his head with some real bad guys. Not only that, Johnson proves that his acting ability is worthy of not a WWE Championship, but of an acting award.

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