Film Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 26th, 2016

Hi everyone, Bryan here…

Stephen Lang stars in Screen Gems' horror-thriller DON'T BREATHE.

Fede Alvarez burst onto the scene a few years ago with his short film on YouTube called ‘Ataque de Pánico!‘ It was so well received and well done that a few weeks later, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Tapert were calling him non-stop and even offered the Uruguayan filmmaker the chance to direct the remake of ‘The Evil Dead‘, which came out 2013 to rave reviews and fan appreciation for what it was. Since then, Fede has a few projects in the works coming up, as he is one of the top new filmmakers to watch in the horror genre.

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First Wave Of Programming For Fantastic Fest 2016!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Aug 2nd, 2016

Hey guys, Jana here,


Fantastic Fest will be heading to Austin and the Alamo Drafthouse in September from the 22 – 29. They’ve adopted a theme this year that celebrates Bollywood in it’s many forms and there are more than enough genre films to thrill even the most ardent and discerning film lover. We’ve got the first wave of programming that will be highlighting the event. You want horror, mystery, fart-tracking sprites and an 18 inch penis that looks like a dead chicken? It’s all here. We will bring you the second wave as soon as it becomes available.

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Criterion Announces It’s September Releases!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jun 16th, 2016

Hey guys, Jana here,


Criterion has announced their September titles, which are all listed below. You can see all the tech-specs and bonus features with each title. This is one hell of a month for Criterion, as all titles look insanely good. I can’t wait to watch all of these. We will update when pre-order links are available.

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Top 10 Summer Camps From Film I Want To Attend!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on May 25th, 2016

Hey guys, Jana here,

PicMonkey Collage

School’s out, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and it’s about the time of year for parents to begin shipping their kids off to various summer camps. Some focus on fun, some are faith-based, others make the focal point anything from acting to sports, I even think there’s a chess camp. Talk about some trouble-makers! Woo-hoo and shit.  No matter where your interests lie, there’s a camp for that. Some of the greatest camps I’ve wanted to attend are all fictional and brought to us by both big and small screens. I’m going to give you a run down of what I think the top 10 summer camps from films are, then you can argue with me if you have better suggestions.

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WWE: What to Expect at Fastlane 2016!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 19th, 2016

Tom Nix, here…


Good day, wrestleheads! We are in the throes of Wrestlemania Season and the final “Special Event” stop on this runaway train is Sunday in the form of WWE’s new annual pay per view, Fastlane. We’re gonna run down (get it? run? because fast) the card and see how everything adds up. This PPV is going to get most if not all of the pieces in place for “The Biggest Wrestlemania Ever” in Dallas, TX on April 1st. Let’s get straight to the biscuits.

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‘The Sentinel’ Launches On Blu-ray in September!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Aug 9th, 2015

Hey guys, Jana here,


If you’re in the mood for a supernatural thriller, look no further than Director Michael Winner’s ‘The Sentinel’ now coming to Blu-ray on September 22.

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Hey guys, Jana here,


San Diego Comic-Con is all I’ve been talking about the last week, and with good reason! The epic trailers, the cast surprises, the tidbits of info that have been, previously, safely guarded. This week gives us a fantastic peek into the next year or two of film and gets us stoked for those release dates. One of the most exciting bits of information came from Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman. He gave us three words that sent fans everywhere into a frenzied sort of glee as to what ‘Wolverine 3‘ could entail, myself included, those words were “Old. Man. Logan.” Boom!


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WWE: Raw 7/6/15 Recap!! The Beast Doesn’t Play…

by Angelic Heel on Jul 8th, 2015


Angelic Heel Once Again…


What a way to march our way on to Battleground! The WWE was in Chicago for Raw and The Beast was back! Along with his advocate, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar made his presence felt. The night also saw an incredible United States Championship match that tore down the house. It’s always a great show when ever the Windy City is invaded. Did you miss it? Find Out what happened now!!


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WWE: Extreme Rules 4/26/15 Recap!

by Angelic Heel on Apr 27th, 2015


Angelic Heel Once More!

The one night that WWE goes extreme is known as Extreme Rules (shown on the WWE Network for FREE during the month of April to new subscribers). It is a night where the WWE Superstars put it all on the line in unique matches not typically seen on WWE programming. It is a night the WWE Universe gets treated to something exciting and special. Every title was on the line and the unexpected took place multiple times through out the night. Did you miss it? Find out what happened now!


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poor seth



Angelic Heel here…

It was a rough night for WWE World Heavy Weight Champion as the WWE returned to Providence, RI for Smackdown. It was also a night that saw the WWE Superstars fight for momentum that would lead them into Extreme Rules on Sunday (which can be seen on the WWE Network, FREE for April!) So how was it pick on Seth Rollins night on the blue brand? Find out now!


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WWE: RAW Recap 4/13/15!! Things Begin to Get Extreme!

by Angelic Heel on Apr 14th, 2015


Angelic Heel once more!

It’s always exciting when the WWE travels across the pond, and the London, England crowd was as rowdy as ever as RAW aired this week! The WWE Universe got to witness as business picked up in budding feuds as the WWE Superstars threw caution to the wind as they barreled forth to Extreme Rules (which can be seen on the WWE Network, free for new subscribers in April). The night saw a Diva’s Battle Royal, stipulations for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship match announced, and much much more! Wanna know what happened on this installment of the flagship show? Find Out Now!

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Angelic Heel Happily Reporting…

The WWE Universe was put well on it’s way to Extreme Rules (which can be seen on the WWE Network, Free for the month of April) as Raw tore its way through Austin, TX. With the excitement of a newly crowned WWE World Heavy Weight Champion in Seth Rollins, the question was, who would be the man to get the first title shot? A Triple Threat main event would answer that question. Who was it? Find out Now!


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WWE: RAW Recap! 3/30/15!! Wrestlemania FALLOUT!!

by Angelic Heel on Apr 1st, 2015



Angelic Heel Once More…

Just twenty four hours after Wrestlemania, the WWE Universe was chomping at the bit to find out what the consequences of the previous evening’s events. How would the new champions fair in their first title defenses? How would the previous champions take to being dethroned? The energy is always intense on the Raw the follows the Showcase of the Immortals and this installment of the WWE‘s flagship show was no different. Find out what happened and enjoy!


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Hi everyone, Bryan Here….


The 9th annual Dallas International Film Festival is almost here, folks, and we have just received the entire list of all the films that will be playing at the festival. The fest will take place April 9-19, and you can start purchasing passes now with the links provided below. It looks like there will be some excellent filmmakers and actors in town for the festival as well as a treasure trove of awesome movies, which you can see listed out below with a little bit of information on each film. As usual, we will be at the festival, telling you about all the cool movies we’re seeing and posting some interviews with the talent. Stay tuned as  I’m sure more announcements will be made.

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Paul N., Here…


Hello ladies! Look at your man, now back to me – whoops, sorry about that. As you know, it’s Valentine’s Day once again. And as this overly-commercialized excuse for a holiday rears its ugly head, we take a reflective look back at our lives and at the choices we’ve made concerning our relationships. Some of you will realize that maybe the gap-toothed ex-con biker named “Bubba” might not have been the best choice for a mate (“but he’s a real sweetheart once you get to know him!”). Unfortunately, now you’re “in like Flynn” with his whole clique, and before you know it, you’re drinking homemade moonshine with the rest of his recently released buddies in the middle of backwoods nowhere (if you hear banjos – run). That isn’t to say that everyone makes bad decisions. Some women seem to have a gift for finding the right people to surround themselves with – or have a real knack for how to handle the bad apples that come along – and that can make all the difference between a smooth sailing adventure and a total train wreck experience.

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WWE: RAW 2/2/15 Recap!! Controversy Addressed!

by Angelic Heel on Feb 4th, 2015




Angelic Heel Again…

Let it never be said again that the Authority does not listen to the WWE Universe. Last week, Triple H informed all that at RAW he would make an announcement that would shake the WWE to it’s core and set the controversy of the Royal Rumble straight. In Denver, CO, the COO of the WWE proved he knew what was best for business. It was a night that will be remembered as we continue on to Fastlane and the Road to Wrestlemania!


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WWE: Smackdown 1/29/15 Recap!! Casket Match Fun!

by Angelic Heel on Feb 1st, 2015



Angelic Heel again…

SMACKDOWN came out of Hartford, CT LIVE after an unprecedented blizzard forced WWE to cancel the RAW live event on Monday, and broadcast the weekly show from WWE headquarters. This week would see the end of a bitter rivalry and the rumblings of future battles on the horizon. Who was left in the cold and who received a warm reception? Find out NOW!


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WWE: NXT 1/28/15 Recap!! Everyone Gets Upset!!

by Angelic Heel on Jan 29th, 2015



Angelic Heel Here…

It was a very tense night for the NXT Superstars as we inched ever closer to the next NXT: TakeOver live special that will be shown exclusively on the WWE Network (just $9.99 a month >.>) on Feb. 11, 2015. The NXT Tag Team Titles were defended, the field narrowed in the #1 Contender’s Tournament for the NXT Championship, and friendships continued to be strained to the breaking point. The evening was emotional and explosive with the only people with smiles o their faces were the NXT Universe. What had the future Superstars at their boiling points and the fans salivating for more? Let’s dive into this volatile installment of the WWE‘s Wednesday night headliner, NXT!


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WWE: SMACKDOWN 1/9/15 Recap!!

by Angelic Heel on Jan 10th, 2015



Angelic Heel Here…

It was an explosive night as the WWE gave us the last Friday Night SMACKDOWN from Laredo, TX! (For those of you who live under a rock, Smackdown is returning to Thursday starting next week.) In the wake of the justified firings of Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback, the Authority bestowed the WWE Universe with a night filled with hard hitting excitement it would not soon forget. So lets send Friday nights out in style, and jump on into this weeks installment of SMACKDOWN!


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Film Review: ‘Selma’!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 8th, 2015

Hi everyone, Bryan Here…


It’s no doubt that Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential people in the world. He fought for basic human rights, received a Nobel Peace Prize, and not only changed a nation for good, but changed the world. This film is not necessarily a biopic on iconic man, but rather a glimpse on a short period of time that focuses on the 1965 voting marches from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama, that was to ensure that anyone, no matter your race, color, creed, or religion, could have the right to vote.

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WWE: NXT – December 18th, 2014!

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 20th, 2014

Angi S., Here….


A week in the grand scheme of things is a short span of time consisting of seven days. A week waiting for the fall out show for NXT Takeover: R Evolution? An eternity. The shocking debut, to the fall of the Ascension, and on champion retained, while the other title changed hands, and the unforgettable brutal beat down that ruined a celebration. After the action packed live special, what would be in store for the NXT Universe?

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WWE: Tribute to the Troops 2014!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 19th, 2014

Angi S., Here…


Once a year, the WWE dedicates one of its shows to the United States Armed Forces. It is a chance for the Superstars to show their gratitude and respect to the men and women who put their lives on the line and make the sacrifices that allow us to enjoy the freedoms that we do. It was a night filled with laughs, excitement, surprise returns and great music provided by Florida Georgia Line.  The evening belonged to the men and women in the US Military. So let’s dive on into the night that World Wrestling Entertainment says THANK YOU to the exceptional men and women who are our heroes!

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Jana’s Best/Worst of 2014!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Dec 15th, 2014

Hey guys, Jana here,


PicMonkey Collage


It’s been a big year for the entertainment world. Netflix’s initial push to bring movie-theater worthy films straight to streaming customers and bypassing the big screen altogether set off a chain of deals that will take those fresh releases and push them directly into homes allowing us to bypass a $15.00 soda, but denying us the $20.00 popcorn you can only get at the theater.Then came the deluge of series and movies being made for exclusive run with everyone from Netflix, Amazon to Crackle and everything in between. Top that off with the huge breach of privacy Sony experienced. New releases were flooded onto P2P sharing sites and private emails from the film company’s big wigs that show us how the infrastructure of Sony really works, not to mention what those involved really think of some of their superstars.

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WWE: NXT Takeover Revolution Review!

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 12th, 2014

Angi S., Here…


It was a huge night for WWE’s developmental brand NXT. NXT Takeover: R Evolution, shown exclusively on the WWE Network (just $9.99 a month if the rumors are true) from Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, was everything a wrestling show should have and could have been. Four times a year,  the NXT Superstars are given the opportunity to showcase their talents live, and last night, they gave everything they had to entertain the fans. The pre show started with sad news as NXT Superstar, Corey Graves, announced his retirement from in ring competition. His reasons being medically based. Did that mean we would no longer see him, hell no, he also announced that he would be debuting that night as an NXT commentator! The energy of the evening was electric as the crowd took their seats and anxiously waited for the future to be showcased. 

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Hey fanboys and girls, Jana here,






Everyone remember the hype surrounding the new prequel series ‘Gotham‘? We’ve been inundated with teasers, internet ads, and just in general talking about how awesome, or un-awesome (is that a word?) it’s going to be. I want to be hopeful, because I’m a huge fan of the bat. Love the world of Gotham City and it’s dark, iniquitous, sullen tones. I’ve always loved the Tim Burton version of the Batman films, don’t get me wrong, Nolan’s flicks were excellent in that they gave me the action I crave. But I like how the first set of movies make him a real character and not either just a 40-pack a day smoker in a cowl, or an asshole.



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Guide To Wave Two Films At Fantastic Fest 2014!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 27th, 2014

Film Review: ‘Are You Here’!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 22nd, 2014

Janet W., Here…


Are You Here is the question that should have been asked of the filmmakers.  Normally, I would start with an overview of the film, but let’s get right to the critique.  The plot was unclear and disjointed along with the dialogue. The lack of linear flow in the telling of this story of friendship and family and how they can be interwoven is to blame.  Have you ever loved a friend so much that they were like family?  Were you able to distinguish between helping them and enabling them?  It appears that this may have been the goal the screenwriters were aiming to showcase.  However, random sequences like Dallas’ seemingly endless sexcapdes, Baker’s fast-framed stoner frenzy, and a constant array of buck-naked women that the viewers have to see from head to toe distracts from the narrative.  Sex still sells, I guess.  The film ends in such an abrupt way that the audience is left thinking, “Why have I just sat through all this?”  On top of it all, the film is way too long (8 minutes shy of 2 hours), but really didn’t get anywhere.

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