The Venice Film Festival headed by Quentin Tarantino awarded Sofia Coppola’s movie “Somewhere” the Golden Lion which is the top award given at this film festival.  Now I have enjoyed Sofia’s past films including Lost in  Translation, The Virgin Suicides, and for what it was Marie Antoinette.

“Somewhere stars Michelle Monaghan, Stephen Dorff, and Benicio Del Toro.  Tarantino said “This was a film that enchanted us from our first screening…Yet from that first enchanting screening, it grew and grew and grew in both our hearts, in our analysis, in our minds, and in our affections.” The jury’s decision was unanimous.

“Somewhere” is about a hard living, hard working actor in LA who has to re-evaluate his life when his 11 year old daughter comes for a surprise visit.

If this movie is anything like Sofia’s previous work then I no doubt will love this film and it will be loved by all.

And of course I look forward to the killer soundtrack this movie will be providing.

The trailer is below.  Enjoy.

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