‘My Little Pony’ Transitions To The Big Screen!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Oct 20th, 2014

Hey guys, Jana here,



If there’s one thing I love more than ‘The Blues Brothers‘, ‘Doctor Who‘, bacon cheeseburgers and all things Disney, it’s ‘My Little Pony‘. I’m the mom that waits for my kids to go to school, so I can turn on MLP reruns and just kvell in the happiness and saccharine-sweet images of perky, cutesy ponies with equally adorable designs on their butts. If my butt had something that great on it, I’d show it off, too. For the benefit of those that see me, this is not the case. You’re welcome.

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Hey guys, Jana here,





At the end of last week, we brought you a story that featured some casting news for Sony Playstation Network’s first foray into the original programming world. You can read that story, here. Today, we have more casting info.

Sharlto Copley has been in back and forth negotiations to star in the series based on the graphic novel. Copley is an excellent actor and one of my favorite things about the ‘A-Team‘ movie in 2010. His turn as Murdock was so inspired and hilarious, I could watch him all day. I still make jokes about any food that tastes a little off as having been grilled by Murdock with his special sauce (antifreeze). Most recently he was seen in ‘Maleficent‘ as Stefan, there are two films in a post-production phase right now that are set to come out in 2015.


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Angelina Jolie may be coming off her evil power trip as ‘Maleficent‘ but she’s still going to wielding some pretty massive power. Universal Pictures just picked up rights to a script written by Jolie, and is considering making it her next movie. In addition to writing it, she will star with Brad Pitt and direct. The rumor of a Jolie written-script had been floating around for a few months. ‘By The Sea‘ will give producer credits to both Jolie and Pitt.


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Disney Takes Flight With Dumbo as Live-Action Film!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jul 8th, 2014

Hi all, Jana here,



I love a good Disney movie. I still watch Disney cartoons under the guise of “my kids want to watch it”, no one buys this anymore, it just makes me feel a little less like a 7 year old if I pass it off as the kids. Like anything,  there are favorites and then you have those not-so-favorites that you watch only if you have to and you’re going to stare at the top corner of the screen to try and keep from crying. ‘Dumbo‘ falls into that category for me. It has it’s good points, a drunk mouse is ALWAYS hysterical, but the whole separating Dumbo from his mom is just mean. I get it, there has to be an event that moves the story forward and apparently this heart-crushingly brutal scene is vital. I can’t listen to Alison Krauss sing ‘Baby Mine‘ as that is enough to send the water-works into a permanent and soul-crushing on position.


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Black Mass‘ is going to be an excellent send-off for the summer movie season when it’s released next year on September 18, 2015. There is some major star-power in this flick. Every fangirl in the world is going to be in line for this one as it pairs up none other than the ‘captain of summer-movie revenue’ himself, Johnny Depp with the newer, but no-less glorious to the fangirl scene, Benedict CumberbatchJoining Depp and Cumberbatch are Jesse Plemons (‘Breaking Bad‘), Dakota Johnson (‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘) and Juno Temple (‘Maleficent‘, ‘Horns‘). The film is based on the book ‘Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob‘ written by Boston Globe reporters Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill

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Hello, Jana here,


Disney has always been more than just an animated studio, but when you produce such awesomeness as ‘Sleeping Beauty‘, ‘Robin Hood‘, ‘Peter Pan‘, ‘Aladdin‘ and ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ it’s not something that is always remembered. Plus, we begin life learning that a Disney movie is something animated with catchy songs, at least that’s what my kids learned first. The studio has been finding different ways to get more bang for their buck for a long time. That’s why there will be a celebrated release, MAYBE a sequel in theaters, then a third or more straight to DVD. Take that same movie with established characters and it pops up on the Disney Channel as a brand new animated series. Not to mention the obligatory Disney park tie-in and the countless branding options from clothing to toys to bedding and all things in between.

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Disney Preps Live-Action Cruella de Vil Film !!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 1st, 2013

Jana B., Here….


If Hollywood teaches us anything lately it’s that evil sells. Think of Disney, alone. You will be hard pressed to find any of their cash cow cartoons without an utterly evil antagonist. Which I love. It seems like you take the scary, evil guy in any horror movie and stack them against Dr. Facilier from ‘Princess and the Frog‘, or Maleficent from ‘Sleeping Beauty‘, and my favorite, although he’s far less scary – Captain Hook from ‘Peter Pan‘. I repeat. Evil sells. Every major motion picture studio and every 3rd grader with dreams of being a film maker know this, too.

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Hi Bryan Here….

Tim Burton is in talks to direct a live-action version of ‘Pinocchio’ movie which is currently being scripted by ‘Pushing Daisies’ creator, Bryan Fuller.  Warner Bros. is courting Robert Downey Jr. to star as Geppetto as well.  This is no surprise as Burton’s last film, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was his biggest box office success.  Now it seems on the big screen as well as on television, there is an abundance of fantasy/fairy tale films in the works.  Heck there is a few Snow White films coming out and a few Pinocchio films coming out, and not too mention the many more fantasy/fairy tale films that have been slated for this year already.

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