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Comedy Central has just purchased back the rights for ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000‘ and plans to start filming new episodes later this year for a next Spring debut. ¬†Comedy Central has been in close contact with the good folks over at Rifftrax which consists of Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy and they have come to a deal to merge the two brands into one.

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‘The Fanatic’ – Film Review!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 28th, 2019


“‘The Fanatic’ is just too strange to not be seen.”

If I were to tell you that Devon Sawa, Fred Durst, and John Travolta made a movie together, you’d probably¬†wait for the punchline as if I were telling a joke. It’s the year 2019 where up is down, left is right, and all three of those entertainers made a movie called ‘The Fanatic‘ that follows a man obsessed with his favorite horror/action movie star. This movie is so strange you have to see it. Not just for the fact that actor Devon Sawa (Final Destination) has a lead role in the film with a low-tone Batman voice, and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst sits in a director’s chair (probably yelling in the mic “Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ the film footage”, but for Travolta’s unhinged performance as an autistic man named Moose – there is something to behold.. I promise I’m not making any of this up.

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Rifftrax Live Event October 28th: House on Haunted Hill

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 25th, 2010

You should make plans for October 28th at around 7:00pm CT and attend your local movie theatre and witness the amazing spectacle of RIFFTRAX LIVE.

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