The design of these Nike SB Dun Low Ben Gs is unique in the sense that there is not a large Nike swoosh across the sides. Instead, there are a bunch of mini swooshes across the sneaker. Nike and Ben G did a good job of not making all these swooshes look obnoxious. In an era where dunks and SB dunks reign supreme, this touch is a nice way to make the shoe unique. Rather than saying Nike on the back, it says Ben-G.


This is another unique touch that adds to the sneaker. The insole is very neat as well. It has a red, green, and black pattern with small, white Nike swooshes all over it. While this can’t be seen while wearing the shoe, it is still a very interesting design element. The same design from the insole can be seen on the lace tips and the tongue as well. While subtle, this consistency really adds to the overall appeal of the shoe. The green around the heel gives the sneaker an extra dimension beyond the all-white upper.  

SB dunks are meant to be comfortable, after all, skaters need a shoe with support and comfort. Walking around in these is super easy. While I personally do not skate, I have played basketball in them, and they were very comfortable on the court. For me, the fat tongue has never been a bother. So, if you buy these or any other SB dunks, don’t let it be a concern. I love wearing these so much that I beat them up. 

Yes, this is a unique sneaker but that doesn’t mean you should overpay for it. Ben G isn’t the first skate shop Nike has collaborated with, and it won’t be the last (an FTC pair is coming out this month). This sneaker is not the most popular SB dunk. I have yet to see it on anyone else while out in public. This could be due to the increase in the resell prices. I believe that this is an underrated pair, that for the right price is a must buy. If you have a few extra bucks to spare I would consider grabbing them, otherwise don’t overpay (resell prices below as of 7/13/2021). 

Design: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Retail: $110

The price range on StockX (all sizes): $184-523

The price range on Goat (all sizes): $190-1990 


Written by: Will S.


By Bryan Kluger

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