by Gumbercules9000 on Jun 11th, 2019

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Movie Quotes

Bo Catlett:
Yayo! You gonna smoke, then you get the hell off my six-hundred-dollars-a-yard carpet. Now, I told you where the money is, all you have to do is go and get it.
Yayo Portillo:
No! No, I tell you something. I go to the airport, man, I open that locker and they bust me? I tell them I come to get something for you! That's all I know.
Bo Catlett:
That's all you know, huh?
Yayo Portillo:
That's all I know.
Bo Catlett:
Wait a minute here, Yayo, I'll be back directly.
[to Bear]
Bo Catlett:
Keep an eye on Yoyo out there.
[he leaves, Bear comes out to watch Yayo]
Yayo Portillo:
That's the way you get things done.
[Bo comes back with a gun]
Yayo Portillo:
What the fuck you gonna do with that?
Bo Catlett:
I'm taking you out, Yahoo.
[shoots him]
Get Shorty (1995) The Movie Quotes