fantastic 2018

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 1st, 2018

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Movie Quotes

Roy O'Bannon:
[about Lin] Put her down! Put her down!
Lord Nelson Rathbone:
Or what, Mr. O'Bannon?
[American accent]
Lord Nelson Rathbone:
Are you gonna kick my ass?
[normal voice]
Lord Nelson Rathbone:
I've read about all your ridiculous exploits. I mean, just, how does it feel to kill a mummy with your bare hands? Only a nation of uneducated rednecks would be amused by such cowboy drivel.
Roy O'Bannon:
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy. What's with the personal attacks? You don't see me making any comments about your pasty complexion or your snotty accent, or even your filthy, smutty sex books! Yeah, I saw your book. It disgusted me...
[Wu Chow whacks him on the side of the head with a cane]
Roy O'Bannon:
AH! Why is it always the head with you people?
Shanghai Knights (2003) The Movie Quotes