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Good news, everyone. The entire ANTI- catalog of Tom Waits albums will be re-mastered and re-issued on vinyl, which will include a new remixed version of Real Gone. All of this will be available before the holiday season, which will make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers. Tom Waits is one of the coolest people on planet Earth and has released videos, songs, and movies that always evoke emotions, laughs, and fun. I just hope he’s working on a new album and will once again tour, because if you’ve never seen Tom Waits live in concert, you really haven’t lived yet. It looks like all releases will come with 2 LPs that are 180g each along with a digital download card as well, which is just amazing.

It looks like the differences between these new remasters and the recent releases are the 180g weight and each album coming with 2 LPs instead of one, which will make the music sound even better. Plus each album will come with a digital download, so if you don’t have Tom Waits on your iPod yet, you will now have in the digital age.

The albums that will be remastered and reissued are:

Tom Waits – Bad As Me 2xLP (180 gram, Remastered)

Newly remastered with Waits/Brennan

Track list:

  1. Chicago
  2. Raised Right Men
  3. Talking At The Same Time
  4. Get Lost
  5. Face To The Highway
  6. Pay Me
  7. Back In The Crowd
  8. Bad As Me
  9. Kiss Me
  10. Satisfied
  11. Last Leaf
  12. Hell Broke Luce
  13. New Year’s Eve


Tom Waits – Real Gone 2xLP (180g Remastered)

Newly remixed by Karl Derfler and remastered with Waits/Brennan

Track list:

  1. Top of the Hill
  2. Hoist That Rag
  3. Sins of My Father
  4. Shake It
  5. Don’t Go into That Barn
  6. How’s It Gonna End
  7. Metropolitan Glide
  8. Dead and Lovely
  9. Circus
  10. Trampled Rose
  11. Green Grass
  12. Baby Gonna Leave Me
  13. Clang Boom Steam
  14. Make It Rain
  15. Day After Tomorrow
  16. Chick a Boom


Tom Waits – Alice 2xLP (180g Remastered)

Newly remastered with Waits/Brennan

Track list:

  1. Alice
  2. Everything You Can Think
  3. Flower’s Grave
  4. No One Knows I’m Gone
  5. Kommienezuspadt
  6. Poor Edward
  7. Table Top Joe
  8. Lost in the Harbour
  9. We‘re All Mad Here
  10. Watch Her Disappear
  11. Reeperbahn
  12. I’m Still Here
  13. Fish & Bird
  14. Barcarolle
  15. Fawn


Tom Waits – Blood Money LP (180g Remastered)

Newly remastered with Waits/Brennan

Track List:

  1. Misery Is the River of the World
  2. Everything Goes to Hell
  3. Coney Island Baby
  4. All the World Is Green
  5. God’s Away on Business
  6. Another Man’s Vine
  7. Knife Chase
  8. Lullaby
  9. Starving in the Belly of a Whale
  10. The Part You Throw Away
  11. Woe
  12. Calliope
  13. A Good Man Is Hard to Find


Tom Waits – Glitter and Doom Live 2xLP (180g Remastered)

Newly remastered with Waits/Brennan

Track list:

  1. Lucinda/Ain’t Goin’ Down
  2. Singapore
  3. Get Behind The Mule
  4. Fannin Street
  5. Dirt in the Ground
  6. Such A Scream
  7. Live Circus
  8. Goin’ Out West
  9. Falling Down
  10. The Part You Throw Away
  11. Trampled Ros
  12. Metropolitan Glide
  13. I’ll Shoot The Moon
  14. Green Grass
  15. Make It Rain
  16. Story
  17. Lucky Day
  18. Tom Tales


Tom Waits – Mule Variations 2xLP (180g Remastered)

Newly remastered with Waits/Brennan

Track list:

  1. Big in Japan
  2. Lowside of the Road
  3. Hold On
  4. Get Behind the Mule
  5. House Where Nobody Lives
  6. Cold Water
  7. Pony
  8. What’s He Building?
  9. Black Market Baby
  10. Eyeball Kid
  11. Picture in a Frame
  12. Chocolate Jesus
  13. Georgia Lee
  14. Filipino Box Spring Hog
  15. Take It with Me
  16. Come on Up to the House

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