Hey guys, Jana here,

So we’ve known for a little while that Syfy has teamed up with horror giant Blumhouse to give Kevin Bacon a series based on one of Bacon’s most iconic movie roles – ‘Tremors‘. The project has not only got the footloose and fancy free (See what I did there?) Bacon attached, but now there is a director on board in the form of Vincenzo Natali (‘Hannibal‘)

In this iteration of ‘Tremors‘, the malevolent Graboid worms are back after a 25 year break and Valentine McKee has a “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you’re my only hope” moment but in order to to be the hero his town needs, he’s got to kick his own ass into shape and kick the booze, stretch out the kinks in his aging body and embrace the hero within, hopefully complete with Enrique Iglesias crooning in the background.

Andrew Miller (‘The Secret Circle‘) is writing and serving as showrunner, and also exec producing with Bacon, David Schiff and Jessica Rhoades.


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