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Good news, everyone. The horror wizard John Carpenter is heading back to the genre with a new series for the SyFy network called Tales For A Halloween Night. Carpenter will executive produce the series and hopefully direct and write some of the episodes. The series is based off of Carpenter’s own horror anthology in graphic novel form. The search for writers, directors, and actors are currently in full force.

“I’m excited to partner with Universal Cable Productions on this venture into television. On one hand it’s a return home to Universal where I have fond memories, and on the other it’s a step into the future with great new creative partners in programming,” said Carpenter.

In addition to this project, Carpenter is also producing another horror series called Nightside, which is based off the books as well by Simon R. Green.

I don’t care what form it’s in, I’m just happy to have John Carpenter back in the game. He is 69 years old and hasn’t made anything since 2010 with The Ward. Tons of people love his films, which include the original Halloween film, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from New York, The Fog, and The Thing to name a few. I’m just super psyched to see him back behind the camera an on creative set.

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