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Limbo is an eight minute short film set in a desert. It begins by lingering on a billboard that features a painting. The painting appears to have two warriors locked in some battle. A cell phone hits the billboard and we are introduced to the main character. Turns out he threw his phone that contained a text message from his ex. He then turns around and walks into the desert with what appears to be no destination.

As he begins his walk in to the desert he recaps his mundane life at home where he makes tea and eats burritos. Soon he comes upon a dog that is dying. After giving the dog some water it begins to speak to him, offering him one wish. The dog is voiced by Sam Elliot so I immediately increased my enjoyment of every remaining moment of the short from the moment that voice filled my ears. The man in the desert begins to consider his wish choices and we are treated to flashbacks to a few days prior. Clearly, the man said something or did something that broke off his relationship with his girlfriend/wife. We don’t know what it was, but it was bad enough to where he pulled over and decided to walk into the desert.
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The short is a pretty decent meditation on how one event or fight with the one you love can feel like the end of the world. I get the necessity of voiceovers when there is only one person on screen but for eight minutes, it felt like a bit much. There were a few touches of humor thrown in, but the delivery was sort of awkward and didn’t click for me. The dog puppet was really well done and Sam Elliot’s voice was definitely a huge crutch to carry me to the end. That voice was what really elevates this short to being worth watching for me. Everyone has regrets, everyone makes mistakes, and Limbo gets pretty close to making a great short on the inner struggled we all feel when it is our fault.




-Dan Moran

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