Faith-Based Film ‘The Shack’ Debuts Trailer!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Dec 1st, 2016

Hey guys, Jana here,


Lionsgate released a trailer for their upcoming faith-based film ‘The Shack‘. The film is based on a New York Times bestselling book by William P. Young and stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw.

BAFTA Film Award Nominee Stuart Hazeldine directed the picture which follows a grieving father after the abduction and assumed death of his youngest daughter. He receives a rather mysterious invitation from God to go back to the abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness where his daughter may have been murdered. Once he arrives, he meets a trio of strangers that transform his thoughts and understanding of tragedy and loss, ultimately unlocking deep, personal truths about himself.

The film releases March 3.

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