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On January 31, 2017 the Vestron Video Collector’s Series is bringing the 1989 comedy/horror ‘Parents’ to limited edition Blu-ray from Lionsgate. The tale brings together actors Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt, Sandy Dennis and Bryan Madorsky.

Meet the Laemles. Dad’s got a great job, mom has all the modern conveniences a happy homemaker could ask for, and ten-year-old Michael has great new friends and two parents who kill him with kindness. They’re the all-American family . . . or are they? Michael can’t figure out why his family serves leftovers every night. “Leftovers? Well, what were they before they were leftovers?” questions young Michael. “Leftovers-to-be,” smiles dad. Dad’s bringing home the bacon . . . and a whole lot more! Michael’s parents are getting away with murder — making home where the horror is!


Audio Commentary with Director Bob Balaban and Producer Bonnie Palef

Isolated Score Selections/Audio Interview with Composer Jonathan Elias


Leftovers to Be with Screenwriter Christopher Hawthorne

Mother’s Day with Actress Mary Beth Hurt

Inside Out with Director of Photography Robin Vidgeon

Vintage Tastes with Decorative Consultant Yolando Cuomo

Theatrical Trailer

Radio Spots

Still Gallery

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