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Evolution‘ comes from Lucile Hadzihalilovic, a French director known for ‘Enter The Void‘ and ‘Innocence‘. ‘Evolution‘ is a little bit of everything – drama, mystery, sci-fi, thriller and horror. It stars Max BrebantRoxane DuranJulie-Marie ParmentierMathieu Goldfeld, and Nissim Renard. It will hit US theaters November 25, 2016.

Nicolas is a boy living on a remote island set in the future, or another planet – or is it a dream? His village consists of white-painted houses located above the sea with a volcanic rock and black sand coastline, populated by young women and boys all of a similar age to Nicolas. Whilst swimming, Nicolas makes a discovery in the ocean, which is shrugged off my his mother, who, like all the women in the town has tied-back hair, is pale and wears a simple thin beige dress. Nicolas is curious, thinks that he is being lied to and starts to explore his environment, witnessing some unsettling scenes. He then finds himself taken to a hospital-like building where he along, with the others, undergoes a series of medical procedures by the women, dressed as nurses. He is befriended by one nurse, who becomes instrumental in the film’s denouement. The film is not easy to categorise; it is not only enigmatic but beautifully filmed with deeply poetic imagery. It reflects the fear of the unknown, …

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