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This is our inaugural episode our new brand of podcast called ‘Wrestling is Everything is Wrestling‘ or WEW for short, which is part of the Boomstick Comics brand on the Multi-Media Men Podcast label. That was a mouth full. Tom Nix, Bryan Kluger, and Mike Purtill get in the ring and discuss all the good things in wrestling this week, and not just from the WWE, but also from NXT, NJPW, PWG, and even the CWC. Well, let me back-track on that one second. Mike Purtill was not on this podcast, because he was on assignment, attending The Battle of Los Angeles with Pro-Wrestling Guerrilla. Instead, we had a very special guest join us from Austin, TX, named Tyler Mager, who is not only a big wrestling fan, but works for FloSports, which is a cool company that brings you the sports you wouldn’t necessarily see on television from around the world.  We discuss Kevin Owens becoming the Universal WWE Champion, Triple H’s return, The Miz taking on Dolph Ziggler, and much much more.  This was such a fun show and we hope you enjoy!

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