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Good news, everyone! The creator of ‘Breaking Bad‘, Vince Gilligan has partnered up with HBO to write and executive produce a new series called ‘Raven‘, which will be about the leader of the People’s Temple Cult – Jim Jones. If you remember, Jim Jones, led all of his followers to a mass murder-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

Gilligan will also partner up with ‘Breaking Bad‘ alum Michelle MacLaren to make the series, in which she will direct the episodes. Actress Octavia Spencer (The Help) will also produce the series, as she has optioned the story from ‘Raven: The Untold ¬†Story of Jim Jones and His People‘ by Tim Reiterman, who was a journalist who survived the mass murder-suicide. ‘Raven‘ is being describes as the ultimate account of what happened with this cult from its start, to gathering its followers, its ideals and practices, to the insane tragedy in Jonestown.


This series will focus on the leader Jim Jones in particular, and about how so many strangers and people took their lives because this crazy person said to do so. There has been several films and television shows that have covered this subject matter. Perhaps the more memorable recent ones were ‘The Sacrament‘ and ‘The Veil‘, with the former sticking more to the facts of the story. MacLaren has not only worked on ‘Breaking Bad‘, but has also directed episodes for AMC’sThe Walking Dead‘, so she knows what she’s doing.

There is no word on casting yet, but hey….let’s look a the logical choice. Get Bryan Cranston back with this team and cast him as Jim Jones. It’ll be a hit and get more ratings than anything ever. We will update you more when we hear about casting.



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