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The ‘Lost in Space‘ reboot at Netflix has gained Toby Stephens in the character of John Robinson, the dad, astrophysicist and the expedition commander. Stephens starred in ‘Black Sails‘, ‘13 Hours‘, and ‘The Journey‘ where he plays Tony Blair. Maxwell Jenkins has also been cast in the project as Will Robinson, the youngest child. The pair join Taylor Russell, who has been previously attached to the project as the oldest daughter, Judy for the 10-episode series to debut in 2018.


The project will center on the Robinson family, forced to work together during a crisis. That crisis is that they are stranded light years from where they were supposed to be. They discover things about the new world they’ve been thrust into.

Neil Marshall is on tap to direct several episodes and is written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Zack Estrin is attached to the project as showrunner.

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