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Jared Leto has chosen his next film role after giving a stellar performance as The Joker in ‘Suicide Squad‘, he will portray Andy Warhol. Leto isn’t going into the project alone, he will produce alongside Michael De Luca (‘Captain Phillips‘), and Terence Winter (‘Boardwalk Empire‘) is on hand to write the screenplay.


Warhol‘ is the working title and it’s basis for the screenplay will be the 1989 book, ‘Warhol: The Biography‘ by Victor Bockris. It’s worth noting that the book will serve as a starting point, but not necessarily be a blueprint for the film.

Warhol almost single-handedly (or brushedly?) pioneered the visual artistic movement known as pop art, his mediums ranged from canvas and paint to music to film with all stops in between. The 1960’s world of ad design became a remarkable influence on the artist as his work began showcasing Campbell’s soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles. He was also openly gay in a time where it was not accepted.

If you were an artist in the 60’s you made your way to his studio called The Factory. It not only drew the cream of the crop, but a few that were not on top of their psychotropic meds, one of which shot him in 1968. He managed Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground, he experienced all that the Studio 54 nightclub had to offer. He was not without his own demons as friends and those that knew him could attest.

I’ve always found Warhol’s life interesting and seeing Leto put his stamp on the character is going to be an award-winning caliber performance. There is more than enough material to make this film a fascinating drama that will have scores of fans lined up to see it.

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