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I had the pleasure to sit down with superstar actor and filmmaker Andre Gower at Fantastic Fest 2016. Gower was ‘The Wizard‘, ‘Mr. President‘, and ‘Valerie’s Family: The Hogans‘ amongst a ton other projects. However, he is most known for playing the lead in ‘Monster Squad‘ as Sean, who is responsible for leading the Monster Squad to victory.

Monster Squad‘ is one of those timeless movies from the 1980s where a group of kids who have a monster club have to actually fight real life monsters of the Universal variety, including Dracula, Wolf-Man, The Mummy, and more. People compare ‘Monster Squad‘ to ‘The Goonies‘, but if you’ve seen ‘Monster Squad‘, you know it’s so much better than ‘The Goonies‘. Andre was nice enough to sit down for a fun and entertaining chat as we discussed some memories from ‘Monster Squad‘, a potential sequel, new and upcoming projects, WWE, and more. Enjoy this fantastic and fun interview and be sure to listen to the ‘SQUADCAST‘!

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