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Based on Colin Harrison’s acclaimed novel ‘Manhattan Nocturne‘ (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year), ‘Manhattan Night‘ tells the story of Porter Wren (Adrien Brody), a New York City tabloid writer with an appetite for scandal. On the beat he sells murder, tragedy and anything that passes for the truth. At home he is a model family man, devoted to his loving wife (Jennifer Beals). But when a seductive stranger (Yvonne Strahovski) asks him to dig into the unsolved murder of her filmmaker husband Simon (Campbell Scott), he can’t resist. In this modern version of a classic film noir, we follow Porter as he is drawn into a very nasty case of sexual obsession and blackmail – one that threatens his job, his marriage, and his life.

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Lionsgate Premiere, Grindstone Entertainment Group and 13 Films present ‘Manhattan Night‘ available in home video formats on August 2, 2016, Blu-ray and DVD both include a Digital HD copy of the film. It’s currently available on Digital HD and On Demand.

Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Special Features

  • Audio Commentary with Director/Producer/Screenwriter Brian DeCubellis, Actor/Co-Producer Campbell Scott, and Cinematographer David Tumblety
  • Behind the Scenes with Cast & Crew
  • The Watcher” Featurette
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes

Director’s Notebook and Storyboards

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