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There’s another video game movie that’s been in the works since it was announced last year, but I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to make a movie out of this one. ‘Tetris The Movie‘ will be an $80 million co-production between China and the US under Threshold Global Studios, a shingle just formed by Bruno Wu and producer Larry Kasanoff and Tetris will be the first product of the partnership. After a year of setting up shop, Threshold has financing completely secured for Tetris.

We’ve seen other game adaptations lately, ‘The Angry Birds Movie‘ and ‘Warcraft‘, but there a storyline is already established. Tetris didn’t exactly come with a character roster or story. The plan is to create a sci-fi thriller with a Chinese ensemble cast that will film next year. Another thing I didn’t expect for this is that this will be the opening salvo for a planned trilogy.


They couldn’t have picked a more popular game to pull into a movie module, the title is 32 years old and you couldn’t find a teenager in the 1980’s who didn’t kill hours on end with that game. Even today, it’s been downloaded more than 500 million times as a mobile game. I’m more than just a little curious to find out how they’re going to take Tetris and turn it into a sci-fi thriller!

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