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Here’s a movie that just does nothing for me whatsoever. It reminds me of that Jennifer Lopez vehicle ‘The Boy Next Door‘ from a year or so ago. We all remember how awful that was, Taco Flavored Kisses and all. This new film ‘Careful What You Wish For‘ stars Nick Jonas (Yes, that Jonas), who plays a guy named Doug who is about to go to college, and is spending his time working at a wealthy vacation resort for the summer.

He starts to have an affair with a married woman, who is the wife of a powerful banker and also happens to be his neighbor. After a tragedy, Doug and his new lover have issues to say the least. So Nick Jonas is basically trying to tell us he’s an adult here and not the young pop teen anymore. This just looks wretched in every way shape and form. I can’t wait to see it and watch it crash and burn. Isabel Lucas, Dermot Mulroney, Graham Rogers, and Paul Sorvino co-star. Wait, what? Paul Sorvino? Really? You come back to do this? I’m out.

The film opens on June 10th in theaters and will also be released on iTunes. Enjoy the trailer if you can.



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