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There is a strange surveillance video making the rounds on the internet today that features a man walking into a liquor store, when it seems that his arm starts to “malfunction”, causing several rows of the store’s merchandise to topple over. The store clerk and other customers seem to be frightened. The guy escapes, before anything can happen. It’s strange and creepy for sure.

There are several clues in the video that might say this is related to the new ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘ game, coming out later this year. The last game of the ‘Deus Ex‘ franchise had one survivor by the name of Adam Jensen, who we hear is set to return for this sequel game. Also, this video give us a link in, which has tons of cool stuff you can search out. I’d say that the mystery man in the video is mechanically augmented and we will soon find out what happened to him.


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