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Scream Factory is bringing us the debut of ‘The Funhouse Massacre‘ on Blu-ray and DVD but we have to wait until June 7, 2016. This seems so far away for such a “killer” movie, I know – terrible pun – but it’s going to be worth the wait, I mean Robert Englund is in it! The film premiered at the Horrorhound Weekend Convention Film Festival and won Best Film and Best Special Effects. We’re talking quality scares.


Six of the world’s scariest psychopaths escape from a local Asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween Funhouse whose themed mazes are inspired by their various reigns of terror, where murder is all part of the show.

The Funhouse Massacre‘ stars Robert Englund, Jere Burns, Scottie Thompson, Matt Angel, Chasty Ballesteros, Clint Howard and Courtney Gains and comes from actor/writer Ben Begley and directed by Andy Palmer.

Special Features:
· Audio Commentary with director Andy Palmer, producer Warner Davis and actors Clint Howard and Courtney Gains
· Popcorn Talk’s Video Commentary with director Andy Palmer and co-writers/co-stars Ben Begley and Renee Dorian(Blu-Ray only)
· A Day on the Set
· Production Diaries
· Theatrical Trailer

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