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Never thought I’d ever see these words, but here goes: Jean-Claude Van Damme is attached to a comedy pilot on order from Amazon. Shocked? I’m still a little unsure and I’m writing this! We know he’s going to star as it’s titled ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson‘. His counterpart in this series is Kat Foster.


The last time I saw Foster, she was in ‘Til Death‘ with Brad Garrett, Joely Fisher and Eddie Kaye Thomas. Since then she has been in ‘Your Family or Mine‘ and ‘The Dramatics: A Comedy‘ and probably my favorite title ever – ‘Micah The Asshole Ghost‘. Also co-starring in the pilot are Phylicia Rashad and Moises Arias which will begin production in mid-May.

Writer David Callaham (‘The Expendables‘, ‘Godzilla‘) will be penning the script while director Peter Atencio (‘Key & Peele‘) translates it through the camera lens. The plot is that Van Damme comes out of retirement to adopt an alter ego, undercover private contractor Jean-Claude Johnson. His cover as the lead role in a re-imagined action film version of Huckleberry Finn lands him right back in the midst of the danger he secretly always craves – but most importantly, back in the orbit of Vanessa (Foster), his fellow secret international operative and the woman he loves. Her cover is that she styles hair for movies, she’s Johnson’s fellow secret international operative and the woman he loves. Years ago Jean-Claude broke her heart and he’s trying to find a way back in to her life, deliberately getting himself assigned to her new mission.

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