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Finally coming to Blu-ray is the 1999 instant classic, ‘The Iron Giant‘! Winner of 9 Annie Awards, remastered and enhanced with two brand-new scenes, Iron Giant tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between an alien robot from outer space, with a voice by Vin Diesel, and a rebellious boy named Hogarth (Eli Marienthal), his bedraggled mom (Jennifer Aniston), a paranoid government agent (Christopher McDonald), and a sympathetic beatnik (Harry Conick, Jr.) who all work together to turn director Brad Bird’s story into a gigantic, out-of-this-world adventure.


September 6 is the day you can look for the Blu-Ray and the Ultimate Collectors Edition from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. You’ll even get a peek at ‘The Giant’s Dream‘, a new making-of documentary.


The Iron Giant: Signature Edition‘ Blu-ray disc contains the following special features:
· The Giant’s Dream documentary NEW!
The Giant’s Dream is the dramatic story about a rare moment in movie history that allowed a first-time director to make one of the world’s greatest animated films, ‘The Iron Giant‘. Using stylized animatics, archival footage, original concept art, and revealing interviews, The Giant’s Dream charts the incredible ups and downs, industry firsts, and amazing history behind this iconic film, and its rebel director, Brad Bird.


· A personal letter from director Brad Bird
· ‘The Iron Giant: Signature Edition‘ trailer
· Theatrical version commentary by Brad Bird
· Additional scenes, including alternate opening
· Mini documentary segments
· Teddy Newton The X Factor
· Duck and Cover sequence
· The Voice of the Giant
· Motion Gallery
· Brad Bird trailer

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