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Miracles from Heaven - Family

Miracles from Heaven opens in a beautiful richly colored forest and Christie Beam defining a miracle, an occurrence that “cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws.” Cut to a nice size farm and the interior of a rolling tire as a little girl is giggling and could there be a sweeter beginning. The Beam family has three girls: Abigail (Brighton Sharbino), Annabelle (Kylie Rogers), and Adelynn (Courtney Fansler) and two loving parents Christy (Jennifer Garner) and Kevin (Martin Henderson). Tragedy mysteriously strikes the middle child and thus begins the trial of this family’s strength, love, and faith. 


It was great to see Jennifer Garner in a strong lead role again. I think she blossoms whether its physical strength or emotional strength. Garner kicked major butt, as we all know, on the TV show Alias or in Daredevil (yeah, I said Daredevil, she did good in her role) and of course Elektra, or showed real emotion in Dallas Buyers Club, Pearl Harbor or Juno and solid comedic work in 13 Going on 30. I hope to see more from Garner, because I’ve always felt she was underutilized in cinema. Same can be said of her leading man, Martin Henderson, who I first swooned over in Bride and Prejudice. He was an excellent Mr. Darcy. Henderson was also good in the thriller, The Ring. I definitely want more Henderson in production. His Texas accent wasn’t half bad either. I don’t know if Mr. Beam really does ride motorcycles, but I haven’t seen Henderson without one in a film ever, cannot blame him though, motorcycles (albeit the right motorcycle, Go HD!) rock!

Miracles from Heaven - Daughters

It was a nice surprise to see Queen Latifah (Aunt Angela). She had a smaller role, but as usually steals a scene with ease.  Speaking of stealing scenes, Kylie Rogers, with her adorable pre-teen self, stole the film for me. She brought out so much depth of the highs and lows of the experiences of Annabelle Beam. I’m sure the real Annabelle is appreciative of Rogers’ portrayal. This is my first exposure of Rogers, though I must have seen her on CSI (the original and best one!). Watch out world, because she will do great things if Hollywood gets wise. One last shout out to Eugenio Derbez (Dr. Nurko) or Dr. Nurkobelle (watch and see) for his splendid and strong depiction of the specialist that treated Annabelle.


For a change, an inspirational film had an excellent dialogue, quality cinematography, and a well-mixed sound design. I enjoyed the plot structure, even though it made me cry my head off. The emotional build was beyond moving and really brings the viewer into this true story. The emotional build will melt the stoniest of hearts. Patricia Riggen, the director, and Checco Varese, the cinematographer, deserve major kudos for the masterful compilation of emotion and the scenic majesty of earth and potentially heaven. In particular, the use of Monet’s Water Garden was ingenious for inspiration, transition, vision, etc. Upward pans to skylights and sun flares warmed the heart as the source of miracles is hinted. The film really scored with the soundtrack featuring Third Day. “Soul on Fire” really rocks and is invigorating.

Miracles from Heaven - Boston

Miracles from Heaven is a well-communicated reminder that no matter how hard times can get, we have an advocate looking out for us. Also, the film cannot stress enough the importance of family and working together to get through tough times. The children in this real life story amaze me for their maturity from 6 years old to teenager and devotion to their family. Miracles from Heaven is a must see, because it brings forth true embodiments of hope, faith, and love. Some people may not want to admit it, but people need that, especially in today’s world where you can be killed because someone wants to be one more car length ahead. Thank you most of all to the Beam Family! Your courage to speak the Truth regardless of whatever naysayers might be out there inspires us all to stand. Stand in His Truth! I know you will, because you have done it before. Oh, and bring a soft pack of tissues, no matter who you are, you will need it.

Go for Truth and Be Encouraged!

Janet L. White

Miracles from Heaven - Beam Family

The real Beam Family at the tree where the miracle took place.


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