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Carol‘ producers, Number 9 Films and Killer Films are joining forces, once again, to work on the project ‘Colette‘, a biopic’ that may have a big star to add to the project if talks to well and Keira Knightley signs to the film which will be helmed by Wash Westmoreland (‘Still Alice‘).

Westmoreland won’t just be the director, but screenwriter with his partner, the late Richard Glatzer. The project tells us the true story of Colette, one of France’s leading female writers with a crazy back-story. Her first marriage was to Willy Gauthier-Villars, a celebrated Parisian wit, critic and man about town. Their marriage is so famous there is folklore concerning their union, those stories suggest that Willy locked his wife up to write novels for him that subsequently became huge best sellers, making him rich and famous. Eventually Colette rose out of the shadows to claim her rightful heritage.

The reality of the story is a little different. Colette and Willy were a famous couple – pivotal figures in the salons of the turn of the century Paris – and the “collaborative” novels expressed much of the fetishism of their own marriage. Their relationship went everywhere, love, perversity, nurture, violence, passion and ultimately betrayal: and they did it all in the public eye.

Producers on the project are Pam Koffler and Christine Vachon, Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley, Michel Litvak with CEO for Bold Films Gary Michael Walters will executive produce.  Filming will start in May in Budapest.



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