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In more TV news today, Justin Long is set to star in ‘Dream Team‘, an ABC half hour comedy from writers Kari Lizer and Bill Wrubel. Long is an excellent comedic actor with memorable roles in a dozen things from ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story‘ to ‘Galaxy Quest‘, ‘Accepted’ before popping up in a bit more of an action role in ‘Live Free or Die Hard‘ but his character had one foot firmly planted in the funny world, as well. He also starred in one of Kevin Smith’s forays into the horror world with ‘Tusk‘.

Dream Team‘ centers on Long as Marty Schumacher, who is recently divorced. Even so, Marty is the eternally optimistic manager of a sporting goods store and also the “damn good” head coach of a nationally ranked soccer program – his one true love. Currently recruiting young girls for his dream team, Marty is looking to recreate his amazing rise to the national championships of two years ago.

Long is a new addition to the cast which consists of Michael MosleyThe Proposal‘, Lindsey Kraft (‘Epic Movie‘)  and Michelle Buteau (‘Enlisted‘). Kari Lizer (‘The New Adventures of Old Christine‘) and Bill Wrubel (‘Modern Family‘) will also serve as executive producers for what looks to be a hilarious addition to add to ABC’s lineup.

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