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Rob Zombie Instagram

Did you see this? Could Rob Zombie, kick-ass musician and director, possibly be hinting at another movie starring the Firefly clan? Before you make up your mind, let’s peruse the last few days in Zombie’s Instagram history and check out the clues, shall we?

Zombie 2 Days

This was posted just two days ago. Alone, it could be nothing but a blast from the past and a fond memory of a crew he enjoyed working with. Couple that with the post above and maybe this is just a fishing post to check if the interest is there. This could mean Zombie’s already got a specific project in mind, not to ruin any of the movies, but it has to be a prequel. You know what, screw that, if you haven’t seen this movie you never will, they all die!!!

zombie 5 days

This seals it though. He met with Bill Moseley 5 days ago then starts us thinking about another movie. I’m going to say these two had a little more to talk about than just catching up. It’s all just conjecture at the moment, but I’m beyond excited to think of Sheri Moon Zombie and Sid Haig joining the party for another movie!

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