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Netflix knows what the public wants and they can’t wait to give it to us. That sounds a little porn-ish, but we are talking about Pee-Wee Herman here. Bad joke, I know – moving on. The streamer has released the first full trailer for the upcoming ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday‘ that’s set to debut March 18 and it looks like a lot of typical Pee-Wee fun.

Paul Reubens aka Pee-Wee Herman is back for adventure whether he wants it or not. While he is content to live a womb-like existence in Fairville, that’s not what happens. Pee-Wee meets a mysterious stranger (Joe Manganiello) who shakes up the small-town boy’s world when he suggests getting out to live a little. What follows is classic Pee-Wee adventure and his first big holiday.

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Movie Quotes

Alex Montel:
American Greed.
Jim Street:
Shut up.
Alex Montel:
So reliable.
Jim Street:
Shut Up! Another officer is dead because you shot your mouth off.
Alex Montel:
That's how I like cops - dead.
Jim Street:
You wanna join him? Huh?
Alex Montel:
He knew the dangers, no? That's why he signed up to be a police officer. Carry a gun in the Wild West - like you, Cowboy. Would you be sitting here if this job wasn't dangerous? Huh? Anyway... killing him probably got you 20 new recruits. You should thank me.
Jim Street:
Yeah, you're right, I should. Boxer, thank him for me, will ya?
Michael Boxer:
Love to.
[Elbows Montel in the stomach]
S.W.A.T. (2003) The Movie Quotes