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How many Stretch Armstrong “accidents” did you get into when you were a kid? More than a dozen? Well, time to break out the old Stretch Armstrong toy again, because Netflix is making a television series, geared towards kids based on the popular toy. The series will be animated and premiere in 2017 with Hasbro Studios co-producing. This is one of man original shows that Netflix is producing for the small kid demographic, but I’m sure us “adults” will have to take a sneak peek at it as well, since we did grow up with these toys.

The show will follow an ambitious teenager named Jake Armstrong and his two best friends who come in contact with some experimental chemical, thus becoming Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters. I know, it has superhero written all over it. I’ll just wait her for Sam Jackson to come out and get a “team” together. The trio of heroes will then go on adventures and probably do good and fight crime.

“With roughly half of our 75 million members regularly watching kids content, we’re happy to expand our original slate with these three great series,” said Andy Yeatman, Director of Global Kids Content for Netflix. “We know kids love Netflix and that’s in part because they never really outgrow us. We program and recommend new TV shows and movies from preschool through their teen years and into adulthood.”

By Bryan Kluger

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