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One of the hottest “It” girls at the moment, Emma Stone, is looking into her next role. She’s working on a musical, ‘La La Land‘ from the director of ‘WhiplashDamien Chazelle, Stone is also currently in pre-production for ‘Battle of the Sexes‘ as tennis legend, Billie Jean King.

Disney isn’t done with their successful trend of villain origin stories and the latest baddie up for story-time is Cruella de Vil  and the good bet is on Emma Stone for the fashionable future puppy-murderess. Talks are early right now with the star, but hopefully this one will actually happen! I love her and ‘101 Dalmatians‘ is one of my favorite cartoons in the Disney Vault, so the combo has got to be awesome! Bonus points for tossing in a song or two for the husky-alto in Stone to wail.

No director is attached, yet however, there is a writer on the project, none other than Kelly Marcel of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ fame with Andrew Gunn on board to produce. I’m sure we will see Cruella as a fashionable 20-something making her mark on the world and her friendship with Anita, future owner of the dalmatians Cruella is dying to get her hands on for a spectacular coat.

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