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There are a few things I’m looking forward to by the end of 2015 and watching ‘Krampus‘ is one of them. I can just about guarantee that after I watch this screamer, I will be adding the ‘Krampus Original Motion Picture Soundtrack‘ on vinyl to my “I survived the holidays, I must be rewarded” list.

Waxwork Records will release this limited edition vinyl with only 1,000 units sold worldwide and features the original music created by composer Douglas Pipes  (‘Monster House‘, ‘Trick’r Treat‘).

“I am so thrilled that Waxwork Records are releasing the score to Krampus on vinyl,” said Pipes. “They did such fantastic work on the Trick ’r Treat release, and once again they have outdone themselves. The Dark Elves/Candy Cane vinyl variations are just incredible.”

Legendary Pictures’ Krampus, a darkly festive tale of a yuletide ghoul, reveals an irreverently twisted side to the holiday. When his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max (Emjay Anthony) is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers. All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family’s home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive. What’s not to love?! The tracks are listed here.


Side One
A Cold Wind
Dear Santa
Family Reunion
Auld Lang Syne
The Wish
Special Delivery
Bells, Bones, and Chains
‘Tis The Season
Into The Storm

Side Two
Christmas Angels
The Snow Beast
Unholy Night
Oh Christmas Tree
Season’s Eatings
Omni’s Story
Side Three
All Through The House
Creatures Are Stirring
Der Klown

Side Four
The Shadow of St. Nicholas
When The Christmas Spirit Dies
The Bell
End Credits: Gruss vom Krampus

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