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You know you’re a part of a fandom when feeling deeply tortured by an episode or event begins to feel normal, you dread it, but you keep coming back for it. There are pros at the art of teasing the pain from a fan, bit at a time, slowly drawing blood when it’s barely noticeable, like Steven Moffatt (‘Doctor Who‘) or lopping a limb off all at once, once again like Moffatt, others that are experts in that particular brand of suffering are J.K. Rowling (‘Harry Potter‘)…and George-freaking-R.R. MartinĀ lord and creator of ‘Game of Thrones‘.

If you’re not immediately thinking of Jon Snow, stop now. Find some meaning to your life because clearly you’re not making good life choices. For the rest of us, we know the agony that even mentioning Snow’s name creates. Season 5 left us in the lurch with the awful impression that dear, sweet, gorgeous Jon Snow must be dead. Tears were shed, pillows thrown or twisted to shreds and the blogs filled with “No way! Really? He can’t be! Maybe…” That “maybe” is exactly where the shows makers wanted us to be while we waited for the next season to begin.

Speaking of the next season, HBO gave us a poster tease that leads us to continue thinking “what the hell is going on with Jon Snow?” Well now we have the first trailer for the upcoming season that makes us ask a few more questions, but either way. We’re all tuning in for the April debut!

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