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If you’ve been a waiting on tenterhooks for the trailer for the highly anticipated film ‘Warcraft‘ based on the staggeringly popular video game ‘World of Warcraft‘. The live-action film stars Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster and Paula Patton among others.

The film portrays the origin story of the initial encounters between the humans and the orcs, with an emphasis upon both the Alliance’s and the Horde’s sides of their conflict. Featuring characters such as Durotan and Lothar, the film will take place in a variety of locations established in the video game series. Drops June 10, 2016 to big screens everywhere.

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Det. Del Spooner:
[referring to his car accident, having described the semi that ran out of control, and the other vehicle driven by Harold Lloyd, who died, and his daughter-passenger] Sarah.
[holds up name necklet]
Det. Del Spooner:
This was hers. She wanted to be a dentist. What the hell kind of twelve-year-old wants to be a dentist?
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