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We’ve known there was going to be an ‘Escape From New York‘ re-make for a while now. Fox is hoping to relaunch the property in the same way ‘Planet of the Apes‘ worked out and now we have an idea of how this film might come across now that we have a writer attached.


Luther‘ creator Neil Cross who’s last venture in the big screen world was with the horror ‘Mama‘, has been called on to re-write John Carpenter’s classic.

Carpenter directed and co-wrote the original from 1981 and he hasn’t simply let go of his interest in the property, he is creatively involved and exec producing the new venture. Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman have signed on to produce via their ‘The Picture Co.’ banner.

The plot will remain the same with a futuristic setting where Manhattan will be turned into an island-sized maximum security prison. I’m sure the president of the United States will, once again, crash into the decaying city and an outlaw will be coerced into traveling inside to undertake a rescue.
No word yet on any rumors of who will take over the role of Snake Plissken made famous by Kurt Russell.

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