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Christopher Yost is a big name in the superhero world, he masterminded the script for ‘Thor:The Dark World‘ and the upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘, besides that, he shaped the world for some of the biggest names in comic-book animation like ‘X-Men: Evolution‘, ‘Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes‘, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ and ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Warriors‘, so it makes perfect sense that Sony Pictures and Escape Artists have brought in the master of the effervescent to take a whack at the rewrite of a script for the reboot of ‘Masters of the Universe‘.


If you don’t know the story, you need to go check out the cartoon that ran from 1983-1985 and introduced us 80’s kids to some of the most one-dimensional characters ever created, but we couldn’t get enough. There’s not a Generation X-er that won’t respond to hearing the name He-Man, Masters of the Universe, Skeletor or even Castle Grayskull without responding with a hearty “By the power of Grayskull!” Hell, I even named my┬árouter “Castle Grayskull”. The story is set on the planet of Eternia and follows a royal weakling named Prince Adam, who has a secret identity, the power to transform into the universe-saving He-Man! His nemesis is the villainous and cadaverous-looking Skeletor who is constantly trying to take over Castle Grayskull to learn the secrets it holds. He-Man is so mighty, a regular horse just wouldn’t do, so he has a tiger that has just as deceiving an alter ego as Prince Adam. As Cringer, he is a cowardly, sniveling tiger who is a bigger version of Scooby-Doo, shakes and all, but once He-Man transforms, Cringer becomes the mighty Battle Cat who is armored and sharp-clawed, but equipped with a saddle to accommodate all He-Man’s transportational needs.

It’s a hot-bed of story-lines, packed with nostalgia, action and a built-in successful franchise, Filmation and Mattel made a mint off the creation, so it’s only right to continue the tradition with a younger audience. I, for one, will be dragging my kids, if need be, to theaters for this one!



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