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Bradley Cooper stars as Chef Adam Jones, the chef with two-star Michelin rockstar with all the bad habits that accompany the title. He burned bridges and forged new paths by doing everything his own way, his only goal creating a new and thrilling taste explosion. Just like every bad boy turns good story, he’s trying to turn things around in his drive for a third star and he travels home to London to recruit the best of the best professionals ever in order to achieve it.

Director John Wells (‘Shameless‘, ‘August: Osage County‘) and scriptwriter Steven Knight (‘Peaky Blinders‘,’The Hundred-Foot Journey‘) created, what looks like a remarkable film with an amazing cast. Cooper leads as Jones while Sienna Miller takes the female lead, they’re joined on-screen by Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Rhys, Uma ThurmanEmma Thompson and Jamie Dornan. Heading to theaters October 23, 2015.

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Movie Quotes

Kathleen Kelly:
God, I didn't, I didn't realize. I didn't, I didn't know.
Joe Fox:
[finishing the sentence] who you were with?
[bad Italian accent]
Joe Fox:
I didn't know who you were with.
Kathleen Kelly:
Excuse me?
Joe Fox:
It's from The Godfather.
[small laugh]
Joe Fox:
Sorry, it's from The Godfather. It's, when the, ah, movie producer realizes that Tom Hagen is an emissary of Vito Corleone. It's just before the horse's head ends up in the bed all the bloody sheets, you know, wakes up, and it's
[imitates horrified scream]
Joe Fox:
[pauses seeing that this is not having any effect on Kathleen]
Joe Fox:
Never mind.
You've Got Mail (1998) The Movie Quotes