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Bradley Cooper stars as Chef Adam Jones, the chef with two-star Michelin rockstar with all the bad habits that accompany the title. He burned bridges and forged new paths by doing everything his own way, his only goal creating a new and thrilling taste explosion. Just like every bad boy turns good story, he’s trying to turn things around in his drive for a third star and he travels home to London to recruit the best of the best professionals ever in order to achieve it.

Director John Wells (‘Shameless‘, ‘August: Osage County‘) and scriptwriter Steven Knight (‘Peaky Blinders‘,’The Hundred-Foot Journey‘) created, what looks like a remarkable film with an amazing cast. Cooper leads as Jones while Sienna Miller takes the female lead, they’re joined on-screen by Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Rhys, Uma ThurmanEmma Thompson and Jamie Dornan. Heading to theaters October 23, 2015.

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Tony Stark:
I think we need to look at the arc reactor again.
Obadiah Stane:
The arc reactor? That's just a publicity stunt! You built it just to shut the hippies up! There's no way you can make it smaller, let alone cheaper to operate... right?
Obadiah Stane:
Show me.
Tony Stark:
Who told you about it? Rhodesy? Pepper? Okay, was it Rhodesy?
Obadiah Stane:
Show me!
[Tony reveals to Obadiah the arc reactor in his chest]
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