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Walt Disney Animation Studio is putting together another shorts collection for Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere and DVD and Blu-ray. This will be the In-Home Debut for a handful of the shorts. Mark your calendars, if you want your copy on Digital HD or Disney Movies Anywhere, you get an early date of August 11, 2015, if you’re waiting for DVD or Blu-ray, you can pick those up on August 18, 2015.   Read on to check out Disney’s lineup.

Not only do we have the shorts to look forward to, but there are Special Filmmaker Introductions before each adventure. Included in the roster of cartoons are two Academy Award Winning Animated Shorts, ‘Feast‘ and ‘Paperman‘. I know you’re waiting for the lineup of toons Disney brought together for this release so let’s get into it!

Frozen Fever‘ – Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Peter Del Vecho and Aimee Scribner

Feast‘ –  Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed

Get A Horse!‘ –  Dorothy McKim, Eric Goldberg and Adam Green

Paperman‘  – Kristina Reed and John Kahr

Tangled Ever After‘ – Nathan Greno, Aimee Scribner and Mark Kennedy

The Ballad of Nessie‘ – Kevin Deters, Stevie Werners-Skelton, Dorothy McKim

Tick Tock Tale‘ – Dean Wellins

Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa‘ – Kevin Deters, Stevie Werners-Skelton, Dorothy McKim

How To Hook Up Your Home Theater‘ – Kevin Deters, Stevie Werners-Skelton, Ian Gooding

The Little Matchgirl‘ – Dave Bossert, Tom MacDougall

Lorenzo‘ – Mike Gabriel

John Henry‘ – Mark Henn

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