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The WWE rolled into the Canadian capital of Ottawa, and took it by storm with this week’s Smackdown! The WWE Universe was in for an intense night with the promise of a contract signing for the Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship. There was also a royal audience granted by King Barrett, Naomi showed more of her dominance of the Diva’s division and there were fierce words from the Bulgarian Brute for the United States Champion. Did you miss Thursday night’s hardest hitting show? Check out what happened now!






Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

 The night began with Jerry “the King” Lawler in the ring. He explained a bit of what it took to be King of the Ring and that he had been granted an interview with this year’s King of the Ring winner, Bad News Barrett. Before the interview could get underway, King Barrett asked for his due respect and asked that Lawler begin with four simple word, ” All Hail King Barrett.” Jerry refused, and our King promptly ended the interview and was about to give the Hall of Famer a lesson in respect, but Dolph Ziggler interrupted. Jerry Scurried to the relative safety of the announce desk while Barrett and the Show Off tore into one another.

Their battle was a back and forth beat down. Barrett took control easily of the smaller competitor and retained control even as the Zig Man fought back. Though, Dolph’s fighting spirit eventually began to gain him offensive momentum and the match began to swing in his favor. However before a winner could be decided via pin fall or submission, the Celtic Warrior flew into the ring and attacked Dolph Ziggler giving him the DQ victory. As Barrett and Sheamus began to destroy Ziggler, Neville flew to his rescue and evened the odds. It was at this point that an on the fly tag team match between the teams of Ziggler/Neville & King Barrett/Sheamus was created.



Dolph Ziggler & Neville vs King Barrett & Sheamus

Winner: Dolph Ziggler & Neville

 The first part of the match was a Neville beat down. Our King and his Warrior worked in harmony to keep the man that gravity forgot grounded and on their side of the ring away from his Show Off partner. But his own little engine that could mentality rewarded him with an opening to make the tag to Dolph, who once in, cleaned house with his momentum and quickness. However, Wade didn’t become King because such things easily overwhelmed him as he weathered the offensive onslaught and battled back and nearly picked up the win. Granted he was using the ropes as leverage but it’s all legal if the ref doesn’t see it after all. The ensuing chaos after the broken pin attempt, ended with Dolph giving the Zig Zag to Barrett for the win.

The opening segment and the following two matches were a bit of a treat. It was short, sweet and then straight to the action. It was very refreshing. The two matches were fun and exciting as well. The web of rivalries stemming between these four men has unlimited potential. That and Dolph teamed with Neville is gold as well as King Barrett teamed with the Celtic Warrior. Though it does kinda feel as if Sheamus has become the King’s henchmen. Well following another well known show, I suppose every King does need a right hand man. Should be interesting to see how our Ring Liege takes care of the commoners nipping at his boots.



Luke Harper vs Fandango

Winner: Luke Harper

 No one expected a match between Fandango and Luke Harper to end well. But what happened I doubt anyone could have foreseen. The match itself was pretty much what you would expect. Harper dominated and shut down any offense that the dancing Superstar mustered against him. One huge clothesline later, and Fandango was on his back for the three count. The big surprise was the entrance of Erick Rowan. Luke’s former Wyatt family member entered the ring and stared down his former partner. The two had clashed violently in the past and the tension was thick. But when it broke, it was Fandango who suffered. The Sheep mask wearing man attacked the dancer leaving everyone scratching their heads as to the motive.

Motive? How about finally seeing the light in the error of his ways of attempting to beat down his former family members in the name of destroying so called bullies. Perhaps he has seen the error of his ways and wants to get the band back together so to speak. Since his split with the Wyatt family, he has become a whipping boy and been fired. No wonder he is reverting back to the violent ways of my people. Bout time and welcome home Erick. Oh the match between Fandango and Harper was okay. Nothing spectacular but oh that post match beat down was a thing of beauty.



Rusev Vows To Crush Cena

 Lana appeared in the ring to introduce Rusev, but her new found love of fan adulation got the better of her once more. As Rusev entered the ring, he demanded that she return to the back. The WWE Universe was then treated to the super athlete promising in both Russian and English that he would make John Cena say “I Quit,” and bring back his United States Championship.

So sad that Lana has been corrupted and become enamored with the love of the fans. Poor Rusev now has that distraction to deal with when he should be concentrating on the biggest match of his career. The WWE Universe may boo and chant that they want Lana, but I support him removing her from ringside. If she is not around he CAN put his focus toward getting the championship back from that spot light whore and closet bully, John Cena.



The New Day vs Ryback, Cesaro, & Tyson Kidd

Winner: The New Day

 The New Day challenged the Fact Droppers to a 6 man contest, the catch, Tyson and Cesaro had to find a partner. The person they found was a bit of a surprise to the WWE Universe but one that was welcomed. Ryback, joined Kidd and the Swiss Superman and a highly competitive 6 man tag match took place. Both teams got in a great deal of offense against one another and the hungriest man in the WWE fit in seamlessly with the innovative offense that we have come to expect from Tyson and Cesaro.

In fact, it almost felt like Ryback was the missing piece that the Fact Droppers needed in order to be on even footing with the New Day as even though the match itself was pretty even, toward the end, momentum was soundly with the former tag team champions and their partner. However, Bray Wyatt’s mind games continued to wreak havoc with the Big guy as the Eater of World’s graphics played, and the lights went out. But no Bray. This split second distraction was all the New Day needed to capitalize and pick up another victory over Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Bray’s mind games are so much fun to watch. Ryback may say hey don’t bother him, but last night proved otherwise. Actions speak louder than words Big Guy. Cesaro and Tyson it seems are no longer playing for my tam. I find that a bit sad as I will miss seeing them use the tactics that won them the belts in the first place. So much in the Heel arsenal that is useful. But hey, if they do continue to use the tricks of the trade, more power to them. That means they could come back to a proper way of thinking.

The New Day has totally grown on me. They used to not even be a blip on my radar but now, I can totally feel the POWAH of positivity. It’s a New Day, Yes It IS! The rivalry between the rockin tag team champions and the fact droppers is getting more intense. I do wonder, now that Ryback has shown the cracks in his armor, who might be teaming with Tyson and Cesaro now if another 6 man tag is in the works. But really it doesn’t matter, I mean, after all who can really fight the power of the clap? … Wait… that didn’t sound right…



Naomi vs Emma

Winner: Naomi

Emma was in one on one action against Naomi. Emma hasn’t really seen much main roster action lately so it was  interesting to see her take on Naomi and her new attitude. Tamina accompanied Naomi to the ring as the two have formed a partnership to take on the Bella Twins. The match itself saw some fun aggressive moves from both women but it was Naomi that picked up the win with a Rear View.

Not much here. As a match it was relatively unforgettable. It did serve to show how dominant Naomi has become and the strength of the partnership between herself and Tamina. Though, speaking of Tamina, does she know how to do anything besides play a body guard? Not impressed with her in the slightest. Come on girl, step out of the shadows you place yourself in. Shine in your own light and own the Diva’s division!



Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores

Winner: Lucha Dragons

 High flying insane back and forth action. That is the best way to describe this match that pitted both masked tag teams against one another in what I can only describe as an attempt to see who’s Lucha style reigned supreme. Neither team dominated the other for long but once again, Kalisto was the one that was heads and shoulders above the rest (which is ironic since, besides El Torito, he’s the smallest guy in the ring). The exciting match came to a close as it began, with flying bodies. Sin Cara made the roll up for his team and the Lucha Dragons celebrated. It did not end up quite so well for El Torito who was shoved to the side by Diego (or Fernando.. I can never tell the two apart.) But though tense, things seemed to be smoothed over as they left the ring.

I would love to see these guys wrestle once more. Perhaps a 2 out of 3 falls to see which lucha style truly does reign supreme. A bit concerned over the animal abuse. What did Torito ever do to Fernando (or Diego… they really should wear their names on their tights or something.) But hey, if there is a Matadore split, who gets custody of the Bull?


contract signing

WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Fatal 4 Way Contract Signing

The moment the WWE Universe had been waiting with baited breath finally arrived as Kane introduced all the participants of the Payback Main Event. First was Randy Orton, Then Roman Reigns, Then Dean Ambrose and saving the best for last, the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion Seth Rollins! The  co-number one contenders entered the ring and sat at the table and waited for the champion to join them. But the Savior of the WWE was not about to place his valuable person in harms way. He attempted to get Kane to do his job as a responsible member of the Authority and sign the contract as his proxy, but the Director of Operations’ jealousy over shadowed what was best for business as he refused to protect our beloved Champion.

Rollins took one more moment to review the contract before he entered the ring to sign it. As he did, he used that opportunity to get the ire of all three men off of him and focused on each other. He reminded each of them of the past issues that they had with one another and the not so nice things that each of them had said in regards to each other. As he entered an signed, Kane could not help but continue to run his mouth and force Rollins to verbally retaliate.

As they argued, Ambrose began to move things out of the way, when everyone looked at him questioningly, he said that they all knew how it would end and that he called dibs on the table (that he had set up in the corner.) That is when chaos erupted in the ring as everyone started to attack one another. Side note, Joey Mercury’s thrown body is not heavy enough to break a table. In the end it was our beloved champion who stood above the beaten forms of his competition proudly holding the title.

So we all know how these things end and how fun is it that even the superstars know what to expect at contract signings. There was even a hint toward the end of a bit of friction between Ambrose and Reigns. But in an interview, Roman did state that he and Dean were still like brothers but that he understood that the Lunatic Fringe would scrape and claw and do anything and everything to get the title. So at least he understands that going in.

It would be in Seth’s best interest if Kane would nurture that crack in Roman and Dean’s little bromance. And it would be the smartest thing the Corporate Demon has done in recent weeks to benefit the undisputed future of the WWE. How about on Raw, we see a match, Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose? Yeah, that would definitely work toward the Man’s benefit. Come on Kane, prove you still have a measure of relevance and continue to create friction between the competitors who are a threat to Seth Rollins’ title.



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