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The first trailer for the ‘Point Break‘ revamp is making waves. I’m not much of a fan of remakes to begin with, but when you take a Patrick Swayze movie that isn’t old enough to need re-telling and bastardize it, I get a little huffy.

I could be sold on this as an action-packed x-treme sports action flick, I could even pretend Johnny Utah and Bodhi happen to be an incredibly coincidental choice for names of the leads, but if you call it ‘Point Break‘ I’m shaking my head in disgust as I did when I saw the ‘Red Dawn‘ disaster. What is it with Swayze movies and the Hollywood remake machine?!

Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment are proud of the product they’ve come up with starring Edgar Ramirez from ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘ in Swayze’s iconic role as Bodhi and Luke Bracey, you might remember him from ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘, flexes his undercover muscle as Johnny Utah. Director Ericson Core takes on a Kurt Wimmer script that drops us smack in the middle of a high-flying and adrenaline charged crime ring.  Now you get to decide for yourself what you think about this extreme version that hits big screens on Christmas Day.

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